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1: R & D center:
located in Shanghai Minhang District, it is composed of experienced synthetic chemistry leading team and more than 25 chemists. At present, the R & D center has 30 fume hoods, 14
stand-up fume hoods with 10 reactors (50-100L), and 15L hydrogenation reactor. Our center is also equipped with advanced analytical equipment such as HPLC, GC, HNMR, etc., providing strong analytical support for the company's R & D.


2: Production base:


In order to cooperate with the scale-up production technology and achievement transformation of Shanghai R & D project, a production base has been established in Yantai, Shandong Province. At present, the factory has a multi-functional workshop, equipped with 15 reactors, which can complete special reactions such as ultra-low temperature (0 ℃ to -100 ℃), hydrogenation (below 10MPa), molecular distillation. Can provide CMO composition services for customers. It can meet the growing demand of drug production from laboratory samples to commercial products, so as to ensure the smooth progress of clinical trials and commercialization. At the same time, the factory is equipped with HPLC, GC and other advanced testing equipment to ensure the production and release of products.


Shanghai Boc Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a high-tech enterprise with the core business of process development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates. Its' R & D center is located in Shanghai Minhang District, 13000 square feet of lab space, and production base is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province. It has passed the ISO 9001: Meanwhile, it has cooperated with many famous pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. At present, we have more than 10 commercial supply projects, including the drug intermediates and chiral methylpiperazine series of tofacinib, oglitatin, lenatinib, dasatinib, borate series, etc.