About us


Customer synthesizes, intermediates, candidate drugs, impurities, metabolites and other small molecular chemicals for customers, ranging in size from milligram to kilogram. Our team is proficient in new route design and route optimization. With problem solving skills and high success rate of projects, we are able to provide customers with the following high-quality chemical customized synthesis services:

Preparation of high quality products from milligram to kilogram

Preparation of Special Reagents, Intermediates and Molecular Fragments

Preparation of APIs or Related Substances

Design and preparation of impurities and metabolites

Analysis support

Delivery of Product Analysis Report

Service Scope: Compound Customization, Pharmaceutical Intermediate Customization, Generic Pharmaceutical Synthesis, etc.



Our R&D team has rich experience in process optimization, development of safe and environmentally friendly process routes.  Dedicated to the development of stable low-cost and suitable for large-scale production process. Our equipment can scale up various types of reactions in pilot scale, including asymmetric hydrogenation, air and water sensitive metal catalytic reactions, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and oxidation reactions. It can provide real "one-stop" services from early R&D to commercial production. It is a trustworthy partner who can provide commercial products.

The R&D project team has rich experience in the following research directions:

Screening of Commercialization Route

Development and optimization of commercial process by reaction design (DoE) and quality design (QbD)

Unit operation research and confirmation of key process parameters in each step

Research on the Structure, Source and Control of Impurities